• All of the fiery ladies out there after the successful completion of the cycle 17, Americas next top model auditions brings to you the Cycle 19 and it also hopes that there are even more seasons to come to catch all the winsome and angelic ladies from the America.

• America's next top model does something totally new each day and it's also very unpredictable though very interesting. The requirements of the show keep changing and you never know about what basis you will be judged on. You might be judged on the basis of your skin and hair or your walk or maybe your body. You should be gorgeous from every angle.

• The most amazing thing regarding the Americas next top model auditions 2012 would be that the America's next model auditions goes nationwide. Like any other reality show which held auditions only in the major cities of the America such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, America's next top model wants that the beauty should not be unnoticed in any part of the Americas. The auditions for that America's next model are held in even the small cities across America so the best models are selected from all over the America and not only just the major cities.

• Tyra Bank, the judge from the America's next top model is really an awesome lady, she with the producers of the show like to surprise people by bringing interesting twists on the show and still able to make a great show each time.

• If you cannot go for the Americas next top model auditions 2012 then you definitely don't have to worry. You can also give online auditions if you ever fit the requirements of that specific season.

• Sometimes, the judges are extremely strict and you're not allowed to become part of the show if you have some extra fat on your own body or your height is below 5'7 but once a little chubby but beautiful lady was selected for that America's next model and she even won the show.

• America's next top model is the longest running reality show in the USA and the reason behind the success of the America's next top model is that it bridges the gap between you and the fashion industry. It has produced some of the most phenomenal models and the photo shoots showcased from the show really are a treat to watch. Though the show has been running since May 20, 2003 however it adds freshness for it with every season. The length of each episode is 41-43 minutes and each and every minute is quite interesting to watch.

• So if you are living in Atlanta or Wichita, the America's next top model doesn't discriminate and it is much unbiased. The tall skinny girls are preferred for America's next model Auditions.

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